MUDRA COMPASS is an initiative by Apoorvaa Foundation which is Best National Magazine for Whistle Blower focuses on Finance, Insurance, Investment, Banking and Stock Industry with new and recent updates, case studies, norms, regulations, interviews and cover story, etc.

As you know a lot of changes and evolution is part of any industry to keep it growing but sometimes it is very much unknown to common people. The aim of MUDRA COMPASS is to provide insight into the ongoing development of the Finance, Insurance, Investment, Banking and Stock Industry along with Credit Awareness as Credit is the utmost important part of the finance and banking industry. Mr. Apurva Bhagat with his sheer determination to help people in terms of credit awareness decided to move one step ahead to launch MUDRA COMPASS to empower people with industry knowledge.

MUDRA COMPASS is having different sections that relate to different verticals of life and also the way of narration, formation, and the diction accomplish it in a complete reader friendly manner.


  • Our Mission as a Business Magazine is to ensure that MUDRA COMPASS becomes the cornerstone of Credit Rectification in India.
  • We will publish influential magazine in Finance, Banking, Insurance, Investment and Stock that will galvanize the public, especially government and industry, into taking actions that will change the industry and society in general for the better.
  • We will focus on Finance, Banking, Insurance, Investment, Stock and General Public and give voice to them.
  • We will use MUDRA COMPASS to create a healthy relationship between readers and the Banking & Finance industry by making a positive impact in their lives and those around them.